Saturday, 6 December 2014

A Saturday in Norwich before Christmas

Today I spotted the new window display at The Book Hive. It's nothing less than genius. A forest of silver birch simply made from painted polystyrene, surreal 'B's swarming around a hive, and a Narnia-esque lamp. Fantastically imagined and beautifully put together. 

I then went to a craft fair on St Benedict's where I was inspired by these handmade wreaths. I thought they were very tasteful and expressive.

Finally, I treated myself to an early Christmas present. At the craft fair on St Benedict's, Vicki Johnson's prints were on sale. I previously bought this as a card but gave it away. I wanted to buy another to frame but found this first and decided it will be perfect in my living room. I love it because it's so warm and lush. I love the shapes and curves, and I love how it's comfortably balanced without being symmetrical.   

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