Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas Slotting Decorations

In November I visited my friend Kate in Cromer and we had a super crafting day where we made many slotting paper decorations for Christmas. 

There's a deer in white:

And a robin:

I packaged them up flat, with instruction cards and a Christmas post card:

They were for sale throughout December in the Mustard Cafe Bar, Norwich and they were pretty popular!

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Return of the MASS

I decided to re-mount my MASS cuts as they weren't being shown off to their full potential in cheap A4 frames.
I bought square black box frames. I used sticky pads between the cut and the backing paper so that the cut is slightly elevated from the background and casts a shadow. I made a picture mount that not only framed the piece nicely, but also held down the backing paper to keep it flat and stop it leaning forward in the space created by the foam pads. 
The shadows created by the cut are incredible – they add so much depth to the piece and really emphasise the cut.
My initial thought was that the new owner would want to mount them in a frame they think is right for their home and the piece, which is why I didn't put much care into it before and used cheap frames. But the more I thought about it, I gradually realised: no one wants to be bothered with mounting a piece, it's my job to display a piece to it's best, and someone will buy it because they want to display it how it looks now. 
I'm so pleased I've done this.

They will be on display in Mustard Cafe, Norwich, until the end of December or until they sell.