Saturday, 21 July 2012


Saturday 21 July, 2012 
236 Brick Lane, London, E2 7EB

 The perfect welcome: tea and brownies!

 18:05  We started by choosing colours. This was the most challenging part of the workshop. I had been worrying about this since the day I signed up. I changed my mind every day. As I thought more about it I realised several things came clear for me: 
  • It's spring / summer jewellery, so should be made of fresh tones that compliment colours I wear in these seasons.
  • I have always liked wearing white and blue.
  • I like a little element of something special – mirror or glitter looks great in the sunshine
  • I tend to wear more silver jewellery than gold.
There are many colours which I could eliminate straight away, because I'm not so confident in wearing bright colours.

My first plan was white + silver. Then I found out they were not making mirror flags.

After seeing (and falling in love with) the film Moonrise Kingdom the week before the workshop, I instantly wanted more yellow in my life! However, I don't dress bright, I struggle to get it right. I think I'm often too safe. But I'm comfortable that way.
Blue + white + yellow was quite a strong contender. But the day before the workshop I was certain that only white flags would be the best solution for me. Simple and very easy to wear.

On the morning of the event I changed my mind to dark blue + white: this should also be easy for me to wear, still fairly safe, but not as plain as just white. When I got to the workshop I found they didn't have dark blue. To my delight though, they did have glitter pieces! I had to have glitter somewhere!

My final decision was light blue + white + gold glitter. Normally I'd go for silver over gold, but it was a bit too cold together. The addition of the gold glitter pieces gives it a special sparkle, warms it up a bit, and because it's quite a light gold tone it still looks fresh.

 Lovely Lucy, wearing the white Posie Garland Necklace, demonstrated the right way to hold pliers and the best way to open and close jump rings. 
It was so much fun fixing the pieces together I got carried away and made the longest single-line bunting necklace the Tatty Workshop Girls had seen. Their design has 12 flags. I wasn't satisfied until I reached 21 flags.

 18:50  After lots of fiddling I finally accepted the main part was complete.

 19:10  Lucy helped me to shorten the chain and re-attach the smallest rings. The chain needed to be very short, since my bunting was so long. It took a few attempts to get right, and Lucy was much quicker at attaching chain that me! 

I left Brick Lane with a beautiful self-made piece which I will cherish and enjoy wearing as much as I enjoyed the making. 

I also left with a few other bits, including a few gifts and the first edition of the Rob Ryan newspaper.

The Tatty Devine Studio is full of magnificent things. 

I found Ashleigh on Facebook when we signed up for the event – she was going to the morning session. We messaged each other during the weeks before the workshop. It's a shame we didn't meet, but I'm really pleased to see the colours she chose. Gorgeous dress too. Someone needs to buy her the matching Tatty Devine swallow earrings!

Also in the morning session was Elisabeth: I didn't meet her either, but I found this image of her on Tatty Devine's Twitter and I think this might be my most favourite design I've seen. I really love the little sunshine surprise! I wish I'd thought of that!

Lucy let me take away a bit of chain, a few jump rings, and a few flags. I'm planing to make myself a matching bracelet, as soon as I find some tiny long-nose pliers. 

I finished the bracelet…

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Welcome basket

We arranged a flat-swap with my cousin and her boyfriend.
I prepared a nice welcome basket with some nice things to give them a good start to their holiday. 
I told them to take the bunting home with them – they will pin it up in their hall way.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Happy New Home Lou

Sending my friend a 'Happy New Home' card, as she just moved into her new flat.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Awesome card

I made an awesome card to send to my friend in Scotland to remind her that she is awesome.