Sunday, 27 February 2011

Things I like in 30 seconds

Lesson Plans
Proposed lesson plan for use with the upper class of Woodfield's Sepcial Needs School. Working as an Artist Practitioner through the Creative Partnership Scheme during the spring term

Week 1
• Explain the project: to make a 30 second video montage of things you like in order to express yourself in moving images
• Brainstorm ideas and themes of favourite things and develop ideas for imagery
• Plan what needs to be achieved ready for next week

Equipment required
• Paper (min A4, larger preferred)
• Pens

Collect items and bring in next week

Week 2
• Bring in props for filming
• Capture footage
• Download and name files if time

Equipment required
• 5 video recorders
• 5 computers
• Space for filming
• Props to film

Decide on a sound track (mp3 format, min 35 seconds) and bring in next week


Week 3
• Finish downloading footage and name files
• Begin editing footage to sound track

Equipment required
• 5 computers 
• 5 copies of video editing software

Week 4
• Finish all editing of footage and render videos

Equipment required
• 5 computers 
• 5 copies of video editing software

Week 5
• Upload student's work onto a class vimeo site so it can be accessed anywhere
• Screening of all work
• Evaluation discussion
• Feedback

Equipment required
• Internet connection
• One computer
• Screen / projector

My example of a final piece

Aims and outcomes of the project 
• Practice quick brainstorming / idea development
• Establish personal interests
• Expression of ideas
• Practice using recording equipment and editing software
• Learn how to transfer data, organise and store files
• Practice and explore composing and juxtaposing footage
• Exploring the impact of moving image and the effects created when combined with sound
Understand how a film can be uploaded to a site and accessed from anywhere 
• To evaluate own and others work