Saturday, 29 March 2014

Space Wall

I now officially have the coolest bedroom wall in the land. Inspired by the Mustard Cafe, my wonderfully daddy kindly put up a picture rail for me. This is so ideal for me as I'm very indecisive and like to change things around often. 

Far left: 2014 Moon Calendar by Jeremy Rendina – a Christmas 2013 gift. This print is letterpressed by hand. The spiral design shows each phase of the moon daily. I can't always see the moon from my apartment so I'm pleased to look up what it's doing. 
Left of the centre: A small block-mounted piece made for me for Christmas 2012.
Right of the centre: A recreated piece, as they no longer printed this piece with Pluto in the design since is was denounced as a planet in 2006. I like to remember how I learnt the planets when I was a child so I prefer to see Pluto included!
Far right: A is for Astronaut – one piece of a full illustrated alphabet of screen prints, hand printed by Vicki Johnson in the Stew print rooms. I've been admiring her work for a long time – I love her use of shape and colour. Vicki was selling her prints in the Norwich Lanes Summer Fayre in July 2013 and am so pleased I bought it.

Coming soon: Stay tuned to see what I do with my living room wall! 

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