Thursday, 20 March 2014

New exhibition space in Norwich

Today a new department store opened in Norwich. 100% unique, Boutique Fusions sells "products and services offered by some of the best independent retailers in the UK."
It's not even on the high street, it's THAT special. I'm a big fan of Norwich Lanes
I'm really excited that I have the opportunity to show my work in their beautiful exhibition space at the top of the building. 
On display is my epic 'Space Bunnies' paper cut and my #3 'Do More of What Makes You Happy' paper cut in a floating frame. 

I'm very proud to be positioned next to an incredibly accomplished painter, Alexander Bell, whose seascape images really took my breath away. They are some of the most enjoyable paintings I've seen in a long time – I love their atmosphere. There's something captured in these paintings that gets flattened out and lost through photographic- and printing-processes. Something raw and honest combined with depth and mood. Absolutely stunning. To say I'm impressed is an understatement.   

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