Thursday, 20 December 2012

Hello Rob!

Mum and I travelled to London for the day to finish our Christmas shopping, meet Rob Ryan and collect the prize for winning the Christmas Competition.

Naturally, it was incredible to see behind the scenes and meet an artist whose work I've been admiring for years. Rob Ryan, and all the people in his studio, are as lovely as you would expect them to be for being behind such beautiful work. He showed us around his pad, including his yummy studio and cute bedroom. My camera couldn't capture everything with enough quality, but I can confirm his studio looks like this:

There was an enormous, intricate paper cut work in progress…

As Rob showed us around his (occasional) living space, I got a lovely photo of his finished rest room with their (own made) periodic table tiles, which I read about on his blog post a few months ago…

On the train home, mum and I had so much fun looking through all the glorious prizes I'd been presented with! Here are a few…

Desk Calendar
Cushion Cover
Money Box
Note Book
2013 wall calendar
Limited Edition Laser Cut
Limited Edition Screen Print
Signed Book
Tea Towel
Tea Towel
Tea Towel
Ceramic Tile
Ceramic Tile
Christmas Tape
And lots more!

Aside from all these beautiful items, by far the best part of winning this prize was meeting Rob and his team, seeing his studios, being invited to do work experience, and getting a massive hug accompanied by a mouthful of fluffy hair. I do hope we meet again.


  1. Wow!! Looks like an amazing day Charlotte, I can't wait to hear about the work experience! Have fun finding a home for your goodies! xx


  2. Hi Charlotte, thanks for following - and congratulations on winning the Rob Ryan competition - your animation was so lovely! What a fantastic prize and opportunity to meet Rob.

    Best wishes,
    Flora x

    1. Thanks Flora. Glad you enjoyed the animation! x

  3. Brilliant presents and what luck to go inside HQ, still getting inspired, I just offered 'this is foryou' to my friend Nicola for her pbirthday after we both took a papercutting class and opened our etsy shop last year ;-) long live paper cutting! and Rob's inspiration for us.
    Best wishes.