Tuesday, 18 December 2012

2013 Paper Cut Calendar Success

In November I ran a trial of a project I was going to launch on my DaWanda shop the following month.
(Read about the project here)
Kim, a friend of a friend, volunteered to try out the project. A few weeks later she sent me some pictures of her results. To my surprise and delight, she explained how she had developed the initial concept to add a personal touch! She placed family photos behind the cut out letters so every month holds a lovely memory as well as the elegant paper-cut letter. 
This is going to make such a lovely Christmas gift for her parents – so much care and thought has gone into it. I am so impressed!

"Yes, it took a while - I hadn't done card cutting before, and found the curved bits quite frustrating. However, I think it will do the job!"

The template for this calendar is available from my DaWanda store in English or German. 

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