Monday, 2 February 2015

ICAO Spelling Alphabet Project Return

After almost 5 years since I last opened the project, I'm reviving this idea.

A little further research brought up this lovely set:

Art Cartoons - 1956 ICAO Alphabet by Artist Carl Rose
Creator/Publisher: Popular Science Approximate Size (inches): 6 x 9
This is an original 1956 two-page two-color print article about the airmen's alphabet for pilots that was developed by ICAO and illustrated through a series of cartoons by Artist Carl Rose.
Carl Rose (1903 – 1971) was an American cartoonist whose work appeared in The New Yorker,Popular Science, The Saturday Evening Post, and elsewhere.

Read more:

I'm pleased I illustrated mine before I saw this so I wasn't too influenced. I'm also comforted to see they came to the same conclusion as I did about 'Mike' being represented by a 'mic'. 
Also, I notice this is American, because of the turkey in November. I've always had it in mind to try to keep mine as internationally recognisable as possible. 

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